Coastal People, Start Walking And Prepare!!

Prophetic Dreams Concerning “Walking” April 2017

What I love about God, is that He gives plenty of warning for us to prepare. Often, it is years. In this case (concerning the first dream), it certainly has been. But lately, I’ve been deluged with words from God about walking, walking, walking. Here is more specifically what He has given this past week. Following are two words from prophetic dreams:

April 5th and 8th had a couple of interesting prophetic dreams. Here is the outcome.

Dream 1) Essentially, I met up with someone in the hills and mountains, and I believe it was in the Northwest. This older person with gray hair said that people had stopped preparing (prepping) for the earthquakes that were about to come. That was a concern and an alarm.

Secondly (and this was greatly emphasized a few times), that we were to be WALKING! Walk, walk, walk. I got the strong impression that if we couldn’t walk a couple of miles if stuck somewhere out on the impassable roads, we’d be really hurting.


Most of you have heard the Holy Spirit on this already. Don’t quite preparing for 3-6 weeks of food (minimally) and make sure you can make a 5 mile walk home if you are out on the road during the earthquake. Many people are going to have to walk home, and you need the following items in your car…

1) Proper dress for the season or time of day
2) Good socks and walking shoes that keep your feet happy
3) Money to give to someone, even if it is a public restroom (perhaps) to
use the bathroom.
4) Water, to go on the walk with you
5) Phone

Dream 2) A flood of some sort in this dream, can be interpreted as a large bad thing happening, will be in Europe. We had to flee to Spain as our gathering point from the flood. Some people stayed behind and were warned to stay in the top floors of a hotel, but no guarantee of safety. We had other options to flee to, but the Southern area of Spain is what came to us.

Basically speaking, pray for Europe. My personal thinking (not saying, “Thus saith the Lord” on this part) is that perhaps we were in France or somewhere. Portugal to Spain is going north. We were heading South and West. We thought of warmth and possible ocean stay in our rendezvous.