Christianity At Work

Christianity is not a game of opinions; it is a battle field of actions. Do you want to be in the will of God? If so, you will make choices against darkness, for he who is not with God, is against Him. Matthew 12:30

Dear beloved, everywhere you go you have a choice. Is your action (choice) showing you are serving the living God? When you are with your spouse, are you showing you are united, loving, and caring for one another? How about when you are with your children? What actions would show this His love, His holiness?

When you choose Light over darkness, you have entered a war zone. Making choices always does one or the other; you either enter into darkness or into His glorious Light. You either give into your carnality, or you choose righteousness, peace, and joy.

There is no gray matter. There is no such thing! You are either for or against in every detail of life. You say perhaps you are undecided! Well then, that means you are not for something. You say you are not for either side yet and haven’t made up your mind. In that case, you are not for either! Therefore, you are decided to not be for it!

EVERY VICTORY brings righteousness, peace, and joy. Every step of carnality brings death, death, and more death. Okay, let’s break that down. Carnality (your flesh) brings confusion, tumult, anxiety, fear, depression, control, pride, lust, and there is no good end.

When you are driving your car, you must realize that the road in front of you is not owned by you. When you are at work, your reaction is read as a Bible or a fictional book. What book do you want to be?

We live in exciting times, and as God continues to turn the heat up on trials and afflictions, then the greater the harvest is, and greater the opportunity to reveal the Real Thing (Jesus Christ) through every word that proceeds out of your mouth. God’s Word says in Matthew 5:44-46, “But I say to you, love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you and persecute you; that you may be the children of your Father which is in heaven: for He makes His sun to rise on the evil and on the good, and sends rain on the just and on the unjust. For if you love them which love you, what reward do you have? Do not even the publicans the same?”

So if you are loving and kind in a situation where others are irritated and gossipy, there will be those around you who will see God in you, and God will draw them to the Jesus in you or be repelled, for darkness hates the light. Why? Because you are showing forth strength they long to have. You cannot have this strength without peace, and if Jesus is Lord in the situation, you will produce peace. James 3:17 clearly defines this.

Are you facing a financial crisis? What is coming out of your mouth that reveals you have peace and assurance that God is Who He says He IS and that He promises to care for His own; those are following Him?

The harvest is desperately looking to see strength greater than theirs. They long to see someone loving in the midst of strife. They hunger to see someone make the right choices with great joy. They clamor to see peace and assurance during a stormy situation among others.

Are you revealing that God is a whimpy, wishy-washy God? Or are you revealing that God is an Almighty God with purpose, hope, and strength? What are your words and actions dictating? Fear or Faith?

You might say, “I don’t have time to think on every detail of my life. I just work on the big stuff!”

Have we got news for you!!! Salvation is the biggest stuff around, and one word or one action can rob the one who beholds you (the wrong action) of their salvation. IT’s that serious.,

There has never been a guarantee that the one who is observing you will receive salvation. The need is for each person who calls himself a Christian to rise up and make the will of God his meat and drink every moment and every breath (John 4:34). It’s a privilege! It’s an honor. It’s God’s commandment.

Let’s get more serious about our walk with Christ more than ever! Let’s fall in love with Him more than ever. All the other stuff falls into place. The other stuff meaning, kindness, joy, peace, liberty in the Holy Ghost, understanding, wisdom, and things Christ spoke about in Matthew 6. God is good!!!

From glory to glory we grow moment by moment. Jesus Christ is living inside of you every time you keep your mind on Him and your actions follow His Word. Don’t underestimate how big He is. Just because He lives in you do not diminish Who He really is! He is always the majority when He is allowed to have His way. Always!
God bless you who hunger for His ways of righteousness and glory that all men may be drawn unto Him!!

From Glory to Glory with much love!!!

Jonathan & Stephanie