Two Storms Yet To Come

March 10th, early in the hours of the morning, I was well into my second day of being on an Esther fast with others in the country. I dreamed a prophetic dream about the body of Christ. We had just gotten through a major storm. We all were relaxing and felt great relief. Everyone was about to disperse and go on their way.

All of a sudden I heard from the Lord that, “TWO MORE STORMS ARE COMING!” I was in great shock. I was so rattled, that when I went to put this report onto the press machine, I was shaking terribly. I was going in great haste and fumbling as I went. I simply had to get this word out to everyone, but it had to get to a few certain key people for everyone else to hear. It was vital everyone knew, and they had to know now.

Having fumbled through efforts of being speedy, I was all the more shaken. But God in His greatness brought those key people to me, and I was able to verbally share with them what God had spoken. They were very grateful and took the immediate and vital measures to get the word out. I was relieved!

It was dark and cold outside. I think snow was involved and possibly my friend in Texas was one of the ones in the area where we were.


Storms in the political realm is what has come to me. The Esther fast that God called forth through Lou Engle was to override what the enemy has had planned for our President and the political scene connected to him.

The very fact that I heard on the TV and Internet later this day that a major snow storm was heading for the East and the Northeast area of the United States ringed in my spirit concerning my prophetic dream.

For whatever reason, I just know I’m to get this word out to the body of Christ. Pray and follow what God is leading you to do. Remember, we have always said that prayer changes things. Even if it is to minimize the situation, rather than having it so big and horrible ~~ that it would be small in comparison~~ is a victory in prayer. We must forge in prayer with faith to see the merciful hand of God. He must have His way in all things. God is sovereign and God is great! We must be in one accord with our Heavenly Father. We must know His heart and intentions, and that comes from being quiet with Him and listening carefully, in whatever time table He calls us to do.

Blessings as you are changed from glory to glory!!!

In Him,

Your faithful servants, Jonathan & Stephanie

Word For The Day And Season

January 22, 2017

I got up this morning just to write you. I’ve had such a prayer time this morning, and usually don’t do much interceding on Sundays, but this morning is different.
There is such a war going on in the heavenlies. The enemy is spitting mad and is screaming in hopes to gain back ground and to not lose any more than he has. But it is futile.

Everything seems so political right now. But in the spirit realm, the word “politics” is just a tool and a word that is nearly meaningless to darkness. The enemy knows to use that word to distract and blind mankind from the real war.

How we need to pray over all who speak up for the cause of God.

In a state of being this morning that was aiming toward despair, for all of the rioting and mass protesting going on, I asked God to show me how to pray (yes, in tongues, but) what He had to say about it all. He just reminded me clearly that He is sovereign. A resolve of peace came over me. A different hope entered into me. So, now I have hope of what has happened upon hope for what God will do.

Jonathan & I had a discussion yesterday on the importance of thinking on what is good, true, beautiful, noble, and so forth. We spoke of several scriptures that referred to exalting, encouraging, and strengthening, and saw with refreshed eyes that God really wants us to surround ourselves with good in thought and in action. If we aren’t built up on the inside, we can do little to build up on the outside… meaning, building up others as well as performing whatever God has put our hands to do in the best strength and ability.

A great purging has started in our land. A tearing in the heavenlies is so loud, that I wouldn’t be surprized that the earth reveals some of that tearing in geographical ways.

I thought this morning of the different kings that ruled over Jerusalem. Some were good, some were bad. We don’t read a lot about the upheaval that went on throughout the cities, but there was a fear of God upon the majority of the people when the fear of God was in the king. When God showed me to pray for Him to show up and show off, it was praying for the fear of God to enter man. We need the fear of God. We need it desperately. The enemy will react. He is reacting! But people will respond and hush up. This is my prayer.

There are many ways for God to show up. Mercies, judgment, & miracles. Let us throw ourselves upon the altar and give (and pour out) all of the faith God has laid within us to let us let God be Who He Is. Let us praise Him for Who He Is! Let us exalt Him for Who He Is! Let us proclaim everywhere that He Is God, and that He Alone…… does wondrous things and that He Is Who He says He Is!!!

So, sweet family of Christ, guard your hearts and souls with the good of God. Keep focus on Who He Is. Guard your ears and your eyes. Build yourself up in the knowledge of the King of kings and Lord of lords!!!

But be encouraged. Strengthen all around you. God is bigger than we know………..

In Him

Our Days Are Upon Us!

October 19, 2016

Wait for it . . .

Many years ago, when God told my husband and me that we were not going to get a blueprint of what we were to do for some time, and that each day would be a walk of faith, we had no idea the years involved in this promise; nor the severity. We had both dedicated ourselves to a walk of faith, and shortly after we were married 14 years ago, God spoke to both of us about the trek God was going to hone us together through . . . that journey of faith.

It sounded okay at the time, because we processed it as a short journey according to our understanding! Wow… were we ever wrong! This was not going to be a short journey according to our understanding. This is nearly 14 years later!

Many months went by and we weren’t sure if we had enough fuel to get to the store to buy milk. Besides, we rarely had enough money to get milk. God kept bringing about the miraculous on our behalf. We’d find money some odd place, or someone would mail us a check because God told them to while they were driving home from work. It was amazing.

We worked hard at jobs which dried out for different reasons. Jonathan damaging his back with bone fragments popping off and shooting through him was only a part of our journey. It was tough. We fought in faith. We won in faith. The stories and testimonies are endless.

According to Amos 3:7, God does nothing but what He tells His prophets. He spoke a lot to us always giving us hope. There were a couple of times I thought I was giving birth to our dreams, but nothing came forth. Faith has been stretched. But God always gets the glory. That plus becoming more like Him and sharing His love to everyone is what it is all about. That’s our heart.

We knew that when our breakthrough season would be near, God would speak to us more clearly. Finally, this has been a year of communication to Jonathan & me and we know that things we’ve been waiting for are soon to come. God has shown up!

The reason this is being posted here at this site, is because of the words and visions God has given me through the years showing us that this isn’t just for us, but the body of Christ at large. This isn’t a place to write out all of those details and visitations, but it is true.

We’ve exhausted ourselves listening and reading words each year that that year was going to be the breakthrough for the body of Christ. We kept hoping and hoping. It has been a struggle each year to continue believing because of the words given each year. But it hasn’t been a struggle (yet at times, greatly) on the whole because of what God has shown us. God has spoken clearly, profoundly, and straightly to us.

This is a good time to remind people that you have to know what God is saying to you personally. You can have all kinds of prophetic words, but if God isn’t showing you personally, be careful. You have to hear God. Prophetic words bring confirmations. True, it can birth some things, but you still need to go to God to hear the timing, validity, and witness on it.

That is why we bring this word to you now. We have heard and seen God unequivocally about what is to come. Yes, for us, but also for the body of Christ.

It all started the summer of 2005. Then an earth shattering dream a year and a half later revealed the enemy’s plan to wipe us out entirely; yet also showed that God would come through with flying colors for us. In that dream/vision, in my excitement of what God had done, my one time favorite pastor (Dave) in that dream said, “Why, Stephanie, it is happening to everyone!” That took the enormous humungousness of our breakthrough into the reality that we weren’t the only ones about to glorify God Almighty! It wasn’t just about our breakthrough! God was manifesting His glory everywhere to everyone! What a day of rejoicing!

Eager to hear God’s timing on all of this through the years has been the struggle part. Believing God to do what He had promised was not the difficult part. We have believed no matter what. We have accounts of our hopes being shattered on more than one occasion. We’ve been lied to, cheated upon, persecuted heavily, betrayed, and humiliated many times. We’ve gained weight and live in a place that isn’t our own, just to add to our discredibility. Oh how worldly people of God get. Been there, done that. Sadly…

But we learn. We grow. And here is the encouragement of it all.

I read earlier this year on Elijahlist that our (body of Christ) waiting in faith has been an act of worship to God. That is worth it all to me. Also, now God has spoken.


The middle of August, God gave me two vivid dreams about what is about to happen to my husband and me. The second dream, I saw God’s face in the night sky and the clouds were quickly parting. This big clear space opened up and the clouds were still moving back. In that clear space, God’s face shined forth using stars to paint His face. His smile was big and all communicating to me.

You see, when our breakthrough comes, it is the sign of everyone’s breakthrough coming forth. We haven’t seen the breakthrough yet, but we’ve seen hints of it. It has started, and that is great news. Faith will carry each of us through, and we simply must not give up for a moment.

Before the dawn, it truly gets darkest, but that is one of the reasons God gave us faith. Faith pulls up fact, love, truth, and all strength we need. If our faith is weak, we give God all our love saying, “I will bless you God. I will believe that which You’ve spoken to me.” This empowers to keep believing. It’s a win-win, no matter what. We have to activate our faith.

It is coming. It has started. You will hear of all kinds of breakthroughs spreading out all over the world. God is going to show up and show off.

We will keep you posted. If you’ve lost faith, repent and gather it up for His glory once again.

He is an understanding and gracious God. He loves to be glorified.

School Bus, Children, Waves, And Mt. Rainier


I dreamed that I was walking along an area above the ocean, like perhaps a boardwalk. The tide was out, and the waves were doing what they always do, coming in and going out. From my right came a school bus filled with children. At first, the bus was driving along the sand heading to the left of me. Its purpose was to get the kids to school.

This bus started getting into the water. Then a second bus came along from same place and now it was driving out into the ocean. The tide had come in quickly, unannounced. The bus immediately headed out toward deeper water, and the waves now were choppy with gulfs inbetween as in a stormy sea.

Then, a third bus followed the others! I could see the children inside wondering what was going on. They did not scream, but sat in wonderment while the waves hit the buses all around.

The second bus now went under and I lost total visual on it. The ocean how now become several feet deep. I wondered how anyone could survive, let alone, how those buses could move through the water!!

Then, amazingly, the second bus came back up to the surface! The second and third bus were now submerged a few inches up to the windows where the children were sitting.

Out of nowhere, and pretty disturbingly, the first bus now came from the left with all of the children it started out with! It was supposed to have gone to the school and dropped them off.

It was driving right through the deep ocean. I could see some of the children with hands on the window and their faces up to the glass. Their mouths were open in awe.

The buses acted like they were aimlessly driving around in the ocean. Never once did the driver look panicked. They kept focused and acted quite normally.


Whenever I pray about this, I hear only blessings and protection for our children. The waters are the waters of the Lord. The bus drivers are angels. I believe a great outpouring is coming to the children of God’s Holy Spirit of signs, miracles, and wonders. Also, great and often diving protection.

There are people praying over the children throughout America. Here comes the answer to your prayer! This had been the intention of God’s heart from the very beginning to bless the children.

Interestingly enough, I could not find this dream in my journal. Now that’s a first! I will have to do some research, because I know very shortly after this dream, something happened somewhere concerning children on a bus. I knew at the time God had shown me something about them.


Last week of January, 26-28th (2016) I dreamed about Mount Rainier. There had been a lot of rain hit Seattle for many days in a row, and flooding was an issue many places. After I had seen that my house was prepared and in good condition because of a recent French Drain dug along the outside of my house (not filled in yet), I went outside. Others were outside. I was surrounded by other believers.

I looked to the south where Mt. Rainier was sitting so gorgeously far into the horizon. I saw billows of smoke heading east-south-east. I knew Mount Rainier had started her destruction that I had dreamed about so many times before. I knew this in my dream.

Suddenly, the top of Mt. Rainier (like ¼ section, the very top) spewed off and came down the north flank of the Mountain. We were all stunned by this horrific, yet awesome sight. Then, not too long afterward, the middle section of Mount Rainier spewed a very long flare directly west, that spanned for miles. It was lahar material. And then, as though a chain saw had completed cutting the mountain through, that mid-section went hurling toward the west, annihilating everything east of it for miles. It was sad, terrifying, and dumb-founding.


Having checked the last paragraph above, I had accidently written east instead of west. I have now corrected it, and will share the little that I believe I understand.

The flare that headed west for a great length simply means ‘far reaching’. Whatever the damage that heads west will be lengthy. This dream is different in interpretation (I believe God is saying) than the dream posted August 29, 2011 (Mt. Rainier. . . ). By God’s lavish mercies, He has extended the time before His judgment concerning the Northwest. That is why these prophecies are posted, because those in the tower watching are to warn people and believe that God may relent through our prayers and repentance. Wow, God is so good to us!

Interestingly, I hadn’t realized I wrote practically the same thing below in next paragraph.

“This is not doom and gloom thing to share what God gives ever. This is being a watch-tower alerting prayer warriors to pray for God’s mercies and miracles, and any avoidance He would grant!!! Pray for total salvation for all area affected by this. Amen! : ))”

Keeping the 2011 prophetic dream in mind, I can see the timing of this all. It is very interesting that political agendas as we’ve known it is about to become undone and topple over. Of course, that depends if Trump becomes president. We will see.

One last note about Mt. Rainier. Mountains are often symbolic of kingdoms. We have much to pray about and see clearly.

Blessings to all.

The Joys Of Being A Prophet

September 21, 2016

I know of prophets in the Bible and present day prophets who received words from God that took years to fulfill. But something else I’ve noticed, and that is when the prophet starts out, the fulfillment of their prophecies come quickly. It seems maturity develops character, and character develops patience. Where there is patience, there is joy and confidence. In so much to say, that as maturity comes for the prophet; his prophecies often get strewn out over time. It’s okay. It’s natural. Most people know this.

Confidence is brought about by much testing and wringing of hands. Faith is still the better way. Why wring hands when you can trust in the Lord God Almighty? He is either great and unsurpassing (unrivaled, unparalleled) concerning all of our thoughts and imaginations; and is true deity (Divine) as His supernatural being, or He isn’t any of that at all. I choose to believe in His Sovereignty and greatness. (Hebrews 11:6)

Trusting God releases peace that passes all understanding. We could all use more of that. But why am I taking time to write this at this time?

I am convinced that a couple of the words I’ve given (one was about power outage, the other was about presidency) that I saw some sort of fulfillment, as I wrote about some time ago, but I strongly believe that we have yet to see the utter fulfillment!

Yes, I’m confident about that. Heh…

I would also like to say that because of a vision I had received one morning a few years ago that revealed some serious solar extensions to come, that the power outages will certainly come forth. Keep those batteries and extra supplies growing! And I believe there will be an abrupt changing of hands concerning the presidency. Don’t know when, but am certain of what I’ve seen.

The joys of being a prophet? Staying in faith of what God has spoken clearly.