Boot of Judgment

November 13, 2017

This word was given to me in a dream September 18, 2017 and is specifically for those in the Northwest of the United States. Even more so for those in the state of Washington and lower parts of British Columbia.

In the middle of the San Juan Islands (west of Lopez Island) was a very dark development in the sky. From the dark and turbulent clouds, there extended a long black area of thick black clouds with a black Santa’s boot at the end. The boot was heel down like a rough statement of rebuff. Have you ever seen someone dig their heels in?
As I started to write the word “Santa” above, the same word came over the radio in a song. (That was just fun information.)

I had a particular camera with me in the dream I was struggling with to record the incident. The top of the camera had a top like a perfume bottle that has a very tiny spray area that the perfume must come out of. The camera was also pomegranate size, round, like a perfume bottle I actually own. I had to really juggle everything just right to get the picture and video of the whole thing. It was such a tricky process!!!
I went to my prayer group that was north of where I was and in the hills. They all saw it and were in agreement that it was God’s judgment. I had gotten the word judgment in the dream and knew it was God saying so.

I went to a friend’s house who lived on the east side of the island. I knew she had to hear about this picture/event for she had been concerned for some time about the impending earthquake that was going to be quite sizeable in Washington. I told her that because she was on the east side, she would be safe.


There are many thoughts concerning the extension of the dark clouds which wasn’t a leg or a tornado, yet it was thick and dark. At the end of it all was that boot, heel down/first. God made it clear that He wanted the boot to be seen. There was no doubt that it was His judgment about to be manifested. It could be that the extension is that it is another year out, or it could mean that He just wanted us to get a good view of it and know it was from Him (which that part is definitely true) or that He was “drawing it out”. That means a few things in itself!

As you can see, I’m still processing right along with you! But God will make it clear to me about the extension. Right now as I write this, I am strongly getting that the extension is showing me that it is getting very close to this judgment. God originally showed this to me in June of 2005. I know definitely that this is what that means. It is so strong in my spirit now!!!

How many dreams of this earthquake disaster, complete with tsunami have I had about this area with the epicenter west of some of the San Juan Islands? Over two dozen!!! I remind some of you readers that I’ve always gotten just one dream or vision for other disasters. All of those have happened.

As far as the disaster that is to happen in British Columbia about 2/3 over from the west coast and the disaster from south Seattle to the Oregon border (it won’t be in Seattle) I’ve had at different times and they both happen BEFORE the earthquake is set off in the Northwest corner of Washington. The lower half of Washington disaster or event will cause many deaths.

The disaster south from Seattle to Oregon border could be a dam break, a misdirected bomb, or Mt. Rainier. I’m leaning toward the mountain, since I’ve had certain dreams about it, but not enough to say I’m getting the interpretation correctly on it. Still, I’m leaning toward that spot, but not saying, “Thus saith the Lord” on that. But beware . . .
I’ve also seen things happen to Mt. St. Helen’s as well. But not going so far as to say, “Thus saith the Lord” on that either. Some of my dreams and visions I get easy interpretations that God has allowed me to get practically instantly. Others, may take a week or so. Some I’m still out to lunch on. : )))) Then there are those that take several weeks of seeking Him. It’s all good.

God bless you as you prayer over this and implore at God’s Throne for salvations to blitz these areas, for many will pass on to Him. Don’t forget to pray for mercies and miracles to be a mighty presence of God’s mercy and grace through it all.

We have no fear as Christians. We must call on the name of the Lord to be saved. It hasn’t been until the past few months has it become clear to my husband and me that we should move east. When I recall the dream, I get “postage stamp” for the geography of things to happen. To go east means to not be “just” east, but very east in the state of Washington. This means east of the mountains here.

We took a drive a few weeks ago to a place near the mountains about 100 miles east of the epicenter. God showed us that it wasn’t east enough. Everyone has to hear God for themselves. We did believe we were going to stay around, and we’ve known about this earthquake for years!!!

Keep praying and seeking. God is faithful. Stay in His will. It is the only safe place to be . . . Every day…

Hurricane Irma

September 7, 2107 2:11 a.m.

I tried to put a couple of pictures here, but on September 2nd that continued for a few hours into September 3rd, I took a couple of pictures revealing a particular face in the clouds staring down at Hurricane Irma. This weather system, that looked like a cartoon abstract picture of a face a bit unnerved by Irma was located at North and South Carolina.

For fun (please note what I just wrote) I wondered if that wasn’t where Hurricane Irma was going to land or strongly affect?

Is it possible to read signs and wonders God has put in place for mankind to observe?

Absolutely! If this happens like I entertained in my thinking, I will be taking more pictures of the satellite images. I’ve taken quite a few so far and do a lot of pondering and praying.

The dates are on the pictures that are from

I cannot skew them and the times they are recording. I’m sure someone out there could, but I don’t have the desire or the wherewithal to do so. It’s real and it’s fun.

If I can get these pictures in place in this article, I will get it done. Give me a day or so.

Blessings and happy learning! I certainly am!

1) Picture of Face looking in horror from the Carolinas right at Hurricane Irma:

2) Picture of Hurricane Irma before she was. I saw that she would be a monster when I saw her look like a dragon. Taken from my Hurricane Watch August 28, 2017 pictures with the note: “Notice Dragon on right. Watching for days now.”

Binding The Strongman & Why There Is Hope

Dream from August 4, 2017 and more. August 25, 2017

Berean Literal Bible
“But no one is able, having entered into the house of the strong man, to plunder his goods, unless first he binds the strong man. And then he will plunder his house.” Matthew 3:27 Also Matthew 12:29 also.

I’ve had a few dreams, media, and other happenings all about the strongman in just a few short weeks. Actually, as I come to think of it, they have all been this month of August. Also, to my surprise, I just looked at the teaching I gave on “When Your Back is Against the Wall”. I didn’t realize that then it also had to do with the strongman. So, I’m listening!!!

As a prayer warrior, the verses on the strongman say this to me: that unless I pray specifically, “I bind the strongman of (whatever name or word I get if I know it) _________ in the name of Jesus,” I do not get the results of power in my fervent praying. I continue praying for the blessings or eradicating of whatever needs to be dealt with. Whatever I bind here on earth is bound in heaven. Jesus said these were keys to the kingdom. I take that earnestly. I have incredible and huge answers to prayers with amazing results because I believe God literally in this matter.

As I write this, a huge hurricane (Harvey) is battering the Texan coast. I took pictures of it approaching the coast and saw like a strongman over it. I’m going to try to get a picture of it below, and if it doesn’t work, I apologize for it. But you can write us for the picture and we will be able to send it.

I had a dream over two specific strongmen for a major ministry that is televised and world renown. I sent it to him. The dream revealed that all though he had great prayer warriors and intercessors, they were not dealing enough with two particular strongmen that were trying to work some negative activity (havoc) in his ministry. The ministry is very honorable. But you know the enemy…. he roams about seeking whom he may devour.

If you look up on the left of the picture, you will see the large, red round circle (which is in fact the heart of the hurricane), and over its top and right is a head, body, and legs. Arms are short. It is an image of strongman.

Another dream I had is that a large group of people (many for sure) were driving over a bridge to reach our destination. Then some policemen came out and halted the majority of us from crossing over. After everyone reasoned and argued with them, I left to go to the strongman’s location to deal (reason) with him.

You cannot reason with a strongman! You have to take him by force!!! My reasoning did no good even though for a few moments it looked like I was getting through to him. He exclaimed that he still would not let the people pass over!!!

In my prayer closet, I got mad with God’s righteous anger. (I have a book coming out that explains the difference between man’s (carnal) anger, and God’s righteous anger. I came against the strongman preventing us all from crossing over. God has shown me that we are all to walk in His knowledge and power. None of this is up to just one man. However, as we know, the fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much!!! (James)

Why is there hope? Because God is revealing to us affirming words that line up with His Word to encourage us to do what He teaches us to do! He is saying, “BIND THE STRONGMAN!” We then know that if we do that, we have what is promised to us. Did not the Israelites have battling to do once they crossed over? But they won! The more faith they had, the more they conquered. It’s all right there in His Word that He says is an example for us. Yay Jesus!

So dear ones, pray. Pray and bind the strongman. Ask Holy Spirit to tell you what that strongman is. I don’t always get something specific, so I simply pray, “I bind the strongman . . . etc.” and continue with the rest of my praying.

God is ever taking us from glory to glory. It’s what He does. : )

A Word For Breakthrough

June 15, 2017

I’m excited about this dream and word that the Lord gave me! Every once in a while I get an encouraging word not just for me but for the body of Christ. My prophetic mantle is like a watchman on the wall, warning and preparing, but my whole life is to encourage and uplift.

Intercessors are just that. They are go-betweens, mediators, and negotiators for the body of Christ. As a result, they see and hear things that are troublesome that need someone to stand in the gap and pray for mercies, miracles, and multiplied salvations with redemption. That is what I do. I’m far from a doom and gloom person. With all my heart (and I speak for both my husband and me), I believe that God has great things planned even though we will have many difficult circumstances to deal with. But remember, even those God turns it into good for those who are according to His purpose (staying in His will) and love Him dearly.

One of the things I like about the book of Amos is that he mediates for the people and asks God to lift His judgment. God does so and relents. That happens a few times in that book. I too have seen God change a course as a result of my praying, or groups of believers praying for things He has revealed to me or others. It is always encouraging, and that is one of the reasons I share with the public the disasters He shows me. We know God hears our prayers.

The dream was about establishing new territory. In the dream I went in to lead worship and praise at a church that was new to me. The pastor had asked me without giving me a lot of details, but told me pretty much what to do to start. I did just that.

The worship went well, but I could feel a resistance from some. For some reason, there were a few that didn’t like that I was a woman, started off at a specific moment during the service, and didn’t like the particular song I started off with. They were trouble makers to say the least.

I left that service afterward, and the pastor asked me to come back to continue leading worship for other services. I was renewed and met with some of the congregation at a breakfast before the next service on a different date started. I thought I would take heart to listen to the consensus of the people I was with and with wisdom, asked them to give me some feedback over an idea I had for the worship service. I was excited.

Aha! The two trouble makers, I found out, were sitting at my table! No one else seemed to share their negative feelings toward me. But, they wanted everyone to think negatively and let me know that was their plan. After attacking me verbally, they got up and left the table.

I led worship afterward and it went well. I did it because I was called to do it. I didn’t carry my emotions into the calling. I carried my faith and love for obedience to the Lord.

After the service, I went over to the corner of the room to have some coffee at a machine they had there. A few others were there as well and they were saying nice things to me. Then a gentleman came up to me with a very bushy, full red beard. His hair on his head was neatly combed over and also was very red. Even though the people were saying nice things to me, he came and wrapped his head around my shoulder and his beard was felt upon my neck. He looked me right in the eye and asked, “Are you okay?” I told him I was, and then he asked me again.

I was very comforted by this person. He was genuine and acted like a real Christian brother. I received his ministry to me for the moment.


I was hearing in my spirit in my dream and as well as I was awaking what I was supposed to hear from this. I love it when God makes it easy! Sometimes I agonize weeks over a vision or dream.

In real life, I’ve led worship for decades. Most of the time, the ground for taking that place of leadership had already been established. It wasn’t difficult to step into the shoes that were already prepared.

But this was taking new territory in the dream. And the “riffraff” didn’t like it. I was doing something new, rather than coming into the established. It wasn’t unfamiliar in general, but it was still breaking ground. I just had to press on and breakthrough. I had my orders and I did it gladly. The word “maturity” kept coming to me.

God showed me that I now needed to “bind the strongmen” powerless to allow what needed to take place and become established, not just for the body of Christ for the moment, but establish new ground for those who would follow after me.

The principle that Jesus taught in Matthew 12:29 and Mark 3:27 about binding the strongman is worked out here. I prayed this morning and bound the strong men that were trying to prevent our breakthroughs. I loosened the stumbling blocks from our path and took authority over our lives and our realm in Jesus’ name. You too can pray that! Sometimes you know the names of the strongman (spiritually speaking) like, rebellion, fear, unforgiveness, etc. If you do not, you simply pray, “I bind the strong man powerless from our promise (or whatever you are claiming) in Jesus’ name, amen!!” Don’t forget to loosen what needs to come forth after that.

I’ve seen the hand of God move mightily every time I pray this. The keys of the Kingdom are in the binding and loosing. God prayer strategy!

Finally, colors play a significant place in dreams. Red stands for the blood of Jesus (covenant & power), wisdom, and anointing. Interestingly enough, beards stand for maturity and wisdom. One still needs to ask Holy Spirit what a color or symbol means in their dream, for it can vary.

I know the man stood for the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit comforts and that is just what the bearded one did. He comforted me! There was also a reassurance given from him. The color of his hair and his beard was wisdom, maturity, and the anointing that went along to encourage me.

God simply told me that establishing a new stronghold for the Kingdom takes maturity, anointing, and favor of God. Without Holy Spirit and His anointing and calling, I would not have the grace (ability), strength, or desire to fulfill what God has called me to do. A disciple of Christ (a Christian) does what they are told and leaves feelings at the altar.

So many of us have walked years believing, gaining ground, growing, and obtaining many victories. We are standing at the crest of the wave, the precipice of the dream we’ve been believing for, forever. If you’re a mature believer expecting a breakthrough, you may need to recognize that pressing through and doing your spiritual warfare is the key to attaining your promise. The maturity God has given you needs to press and press some more. God is bringing us all into a greater level, for He is very serious on building His Kingdom greatly and He wants you! It’s okay it’s different than all of the other victories. Praise and Press!!!

We need to carry the authority Christ has given us. We need (yes, again) to press through. Remember, the purest form of water comes through pressed rock. That means, it is going to be a rough go at whatever it is you are breaking ground for. But such a reward!!! You and His Kingdom will come through it stronger, shining more brightly in the darkness about us! It will bring great glory to God. Being like Him and sharing Him along with bringing about His glory is what it is all about.

The breakthrough WILL HAPPEN!!! It happens while we are pressing in faith. Stay in His Word, fellowship, and be in prayer with faith. And always, faith works with love.

From glory to glory . . . : )))

Coastal People, Start Walking And Prepare!!

Prophetic Dreams Concerning “Walking” April 2017

What I love about God, is that He gives plenty of warning for us to prepare. Often, it is years. In this case (concerning the first dream), it certainly has been. But lately, I’ve been deluged with words from God about walking, walking, walking. Here is more specifically what He has given this past week. Following are two words from prophetic dreams:

April 5th and 8th had a couple of interesting prophetic dreams. Here is the outcome.

Dream 1) Essentially, I met up with someone in the hills and mountains, and I believe it was in the Northwest. This older person with gray hair said that people had stopped preparing (prepping) for the earthquakes that were about to come. That was a concern and an alarm.

Secondly (and this was greatly emphasized a few times), that we were to be WALKING! Walk, walk, walk. I got the strong impression that if we couldn’t walk a couple of miles if stuck somewhere out on the impassable roads, we’d be really hurting.


Most of you have heard the Holy Spirit on this already. Don’t quite preparing for 3-6 weeks of food (minimally) and make sure you can make a 5 mile walk home if you are out on the road during the earthquake. Many people are going to have to walk home, and you need the following items in your car…

1) Proper dress for the season or time of day
2) Good socks and walking shoes that keep your feet happy
3) Money to give to someone, even if it is a public restroom (perhaps) to
use the bathroom.
4) Water, to go on the walk with you
5) Phone

Dream 2) A flood of some sort in this dream, can be interpreted as a large bad thing happening, will be in Europe. We had to flee to Spain as our gathering point from the flood. Some people stayed behind and were warned to stay in the top floors of a hotel, but no guarantee of safety. We had other options to flee to, but the Southern area of Spain is what came to us.

Basically speaking, pray for Europe. My personal thinking (not saying, “Thus saith the Lord” on this part) is that perhaps we were in France or somewhere. Portugal to Spain is going north. We were heading South and West. We thought of warmth and possible ocean stay in our rendezvous.