Boot of Judgment

November 13, 2017

This word was given to me in a dream September 18, 2017 and is specifically for those in the Northwest of the United States. Even more so for those in the state of Washington and lower parts of British Columbia.

In the middle of the San Juan Islands (west of Lopez Island) was a very dark development in the sky. From the dark and turbulent clouds, there extended a long black area of thick black clouds with a black Santa’s boot at the end. The boot was heel down like a rough statement of rebuff. Have you ever seen someone dig their heels in?
As I started to write the word “Santa” above, the same word came over the radio in a song. (That was just fun information.)

I had a particular camera with me in the dream I was struggling with to record the incident. The top of the camera had a top like a perfume bottle that has a very tiny spray area that the perfume must come out of. The camera was also pomegranate size, round, like a perfume bottle I actually own. I had to really juggle everything just right to get the picture and video of the whole thing. It was such a tricky process!!!
I went to my prayer group that was north of where I was and in the hills. They all saw it and were in agreement that it was God’s judgment. I had gotten the word judgment in the dream and knew it was God saying so.

I went to a friend’s house who lived on the east side of the island. I knew she had to hear about this picture/event for she had been concerned for some time about the impending earthquake that was going to be quite sizeable in Washington. I told her that because she was on the east side, she would be safe.


There are many thoughts concerning the extension of the dark clouds which wasn’t a leg or a tornado, yet it was thick and dark. At the end of it all was that boot, heel down/first. God made it clear that He wanted the boot to be seen. There was no doubt that it was His judgment about to be manifested. It could be that the extension is that it is another year out, or it could mean that He just wanted us to get a good view of it and know it was from Him (which that part is definitely true) or that He was “drawing it out”. That means a few things in itself!

As you can see, I’m still processing right along with you! But God will make it clear to me about the extension. Right now as I write this, I am strongly getting that the extension is showing me that it is getting very close to this judgment. God originally showed this to me in June of 2005. I know definitely that this is what that means. It is so strong in my spirit now!!!

How many dreams of this earthquake disaster, complete with tsunami have I had about this area with the epicenter west of some of the San Juan Islands? Over two dozen!!! I remind some of you readers that I’ve always gotten just one dream or vision for other disasters. All of those have happened.

As far as the disaster that is to happen in British Columbia about 2/3 over from the west coast and the disaster from south Seattle to the Oregon border (it won’t be in Seattle) I’ve had at different times and they both happen BEFORE the earthquake is set off in the Northwest corner of Washington. The lower half of Washington disaster or event will cause many deaths.

The disaster south from Seattle to Oregon border could be a dam break, a misdirected bomb, or Mt. Rainier. I’m leaning toward the mountain, since I’ve had certain dreams about it, but not enough to say I’m getting the interpretation correctly on it. Still, I’m leaning toward that spot, but not saying, “Thus saith the Lord” on that. But beware . . .
I’ve also seen things happen to Mt. St. Helen’s as well. But not going so far as to say, “Thus saith the Lord” on that either. Some of my dreams and visions I get easy interpretations that God has allowed me to get practically instantly. Others, may take a week or so. Some I’m still out to lunch on. : )))) Then there are those that take several weeks of seeking Him. It’s all good.

God bless you as you prayer over this and implore at God’s Throne for salvations to blitz these areas, for many will pass on to Him. Don’t forget to pray for mercies and miracles to be a mighty presence of God’s mercy and grace through it all.

We have no fear as Christians. We must call on the name of the Lord to be saved. It hasn’t been until the past few months has it become clear to my husband and me that we should move east. When I recall the dream, I get “postage stamp” for the geography of things to happen. To go east means to not be “just” east, but very east in the state of Washington. This means east of the mountains here.

We took a drive a few weeks ago to a place near the mountains about 100 miles east of the epicenter. God showed us that it wasn’t east enough. Everyone has to hear God for themselves. We did believe we were going to stay around, and we’ve known about this earthquake for years!!!

Keep praying and seeking. God is faithful. Stay in His will. It is the only safe place to be . . . Every day…