Binding The Strongman & Why There Is Hope

Dream from August 4, 2017 and more. August 25, 2017

Berean Literal Bible
“But no one is able, having entered into the house of the strong man, to plunder his goods, unless first he binds the strong man. And then he will plunder his house.” Matthew 3:27 Also Matthew 12:29 also.

I’ve had a few dreams, media, and other happenings all about the strongman in just a few short weeks. Actually, as I come to think of it, they have all been this month of August. Also, to my surprise, I just looked at the teaching I gave on “When Your Back is Against the Wall”. I didn’t realize that then it also had to do with the strongman. So, I’m listening!!!

As a prayer warrior, the verses on the strongman say this to me: that unless I pray specifically, “I bind the strongman of (whatever name or word I get if I know it) _________ in the name of Jesus,” I do not get the results of power in my fervent praying. I continue praying for the blessings or eradicating of whatever needs to be dealt with. Whatever I bind here on earth is bound in heaven. Jesus said these were keys to the kingdom. I take that earnestly. I have incredible and huge answers to prayers with amazing results because I believe God literally in this matter.

As I write this, a huge hurricane (Harvey) is battering the Texan coast. I took pictures of it approaching the coast and saw like a strongman over it. I’m going to try to get a picture of it below, and if it doesn’t work, I apologize for it. But you can write us for the picture and we will be able to send it.

I had a dream over two specific strongmen for a major ministry that is televised and world renown. I sent it to him. The dream revealed that all though he had great prayer warriors and intercessors, they were not dealing enough with two particular strongmen that were trying to work some negative activity (havoc) in his ministry. The ministry is very honorable. But you know the enemy…. he roams about seeking whom he may devour.

If you look up on the left of the picture, you will see the large, red round circle (which is in fact the heart of the hurricane), and over its top and right is a head, body, and legs. Arms are short. It is an image of strongman.

Another dream I had is that a large group of people (many for sure) were driving over a bridge to reach our destination. Then some policemen came out and halted the majority of us from crossing over. After everyone reasoned and argued with them, I left to go to the strongman’s location to deal (reason) with him.

You cannot reason with a strongman! You have to take him by force!!! My reasoning did no good even though for a few moments it looked like I was getting through to him. He exclaimed that he still would not let the people pass over!!!

In my prayer closet, I got mad with God’s righteous anger. (I have a book coming out that explains the difference between man’s (carnal) anger, and God’s righteous anger. I came against the strongman preventing us all from crossing over. God has shown me that we are all to walk in His knowledge and power. None of this is up to just one man. However, as we know, the fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much!!! (James)

Why is there hope? Because God is revealing to us affirming words that line up with His Word to encourage us to do what He teaches us to do! He is saying, “BIND THE STRONGMAN!” We then know that if we do that, we have what is promised to us. Did not the Israelites have battling to do once they crossed over? But they won! The more faith they had, the more they conquered. It’s all right there in His Word that He says is an example for us. Yay Jesus!

So dear ones, pray. Pray and bind the strongman. Ask Holy Spirit to tell you what that strongman is. I don’t always get something specific, so I simply pray, “I bind the strongman . . . etc.” and continue with the rest of my praying.

God is ever taking us from glory to glory. It’s what He does. : )