About Us

Jonathan and Stephanie love to teach and are blessed with a teacher’s anointing. They also move in the prophetic, words of knowledge, word of wisdom, miracles, healing, faith, discernment of spirits, and tongues. They each have the prophetic call on their lives and raise up others to stir up their giftings.

Salvation is everything. Offering this gift of life in this world with the power of God is sweet. It is their heart to share all of this with you. And they want everyone to want all of God as they themselves want all of God.

Their primary goal is to put flesh on dry bones. What that means is to encourage, lift up, and exhort the body of Christ. Their heart is to bring truth, clarity, faith, and hope with love brimming at every corner of life.

In other words, they are here to bless you. They are here to serve you.

People change as they grow in the Lord. They are constantly growing and want you to grow right along with them. Your speed and your level are between you and God. Jonathan & Stephanie are just an avenue amongst many who want to present the Bride without spot or wrinkle.

One of the greatest sermons Stephanie heard was on the gifts of the Holy Spirit, mentioned throughout the Word of God, and primarily in 1 Corinthians 12-14. The message came from Pastor Dave Easterly. She had never seen the giftings as weapons before that day. But now clearly she understands that one good Word from the Lord sends the enemy a fleeing! Now, that’s a weapon!

And that is what God has promised us in His Word. Abundant life. To continue in strength, love, and faith is the amour to fend off unbelief, fear, and sorrow.

Jonathan & Stephanie promote God in His fullness because the Word is their fullness of life forever. God’s Word speaks of salvation, for which the meaning of that word translates victory in all areas of life. Salvation is wholeness in body, spirit, and soul.

They hold nearly 75 years of walking with the Lord in truth and power. They will be sharing from their own giftings and experiences. They humbly remember God’s Word in 1 Corinthians 13 that says, ‘we all see through a glass darkly.’ If everyone adds their little bit of light, it is greater light to add to their own. That means, no one has it all, so we sure need one another!

And speaking of needing one another, Jonathan and Stephanie need their children Luke & lovely wife Rebecca, and also their other son who also is named Luke. God is a God of double portions and that adds to the makeup of their lives.

Glory to Glory Ministry is made up of not just the two of them, but the whole of their loved ones who support them. Luke & Rebecca are talented beyond beyond. The Italian word for that is, Adilah. That so describes Luke & Rebecca. When they got married, the gifts of their individual lives — now made one — have started a great explosion of abilities and wonders. They are a team in every sense of the word.

The younger Luke has a deep love for the Lord and we think he will be a greater part of this ministry as time goes by. He is sweetness at its best.

God bless you and redeem you at every point of your life. It ALL matters to Him. He is the ALL Mighty God. Not just part, not just most, but ALL.

They look forward to hearing from you!

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