A Call To Prayer For The Northwest (and West Coast)

August 11, 2011

So much is being communicated to me through night visions & dreams; and in prayer concerning the Northwest, and the impending earthquake. I cannot be serious enough about this subject.

We are not “ace” prophets or anything ~ as if that mattered. We are just two people trying to do our very best in obeying the Lord constantly, consistently, and with the great fear of the Lord.

We hear the Lord, but always struggle to hear exactly what each dream or vision means. We do expect those who read these visions given and posted here; will pray over them as well. We are listening, and God does speak through His people always.
July 7, 2011 I had a most disturbing night vision, and exactly one month later on August 7th, I had a night vision that is also stirring within me, causing me to pray more fervently over the Northwest.

Please remember, God is about souls. Pray for souls. Pray for miracles and mercies. Yes, this is repetitive, and needs to be repetitive. It’s not averting the disaster as much as it is praying for salvation and deliverances. If we repent before the Lord, and hey (!!!!) that means us Christians (!!!!) we just may have favor from the Lord to pray aversion from these disasters. We have to get right with God! When we are seated with Him, and sin and unrighteousness is below our feet, we have the right to speak His name and believe Him for anything!!!

We must not be clueless on these points. God grant us greater fear of Him in truth and righteousness, and all of our actions be because of our love of Him (that’s His freedom & liberty He gives us). If you don’t have enough of the fear of the Lord, ask Him for it! He is sooo faithful about your search for Him and your pursuit of Him. He loves it!

This is preachy and forceful, but love likes to lay it on the line sometimes, eh?
Back to the dreams/visions the past two months . . . Shortly they will be put on the prophetic page.

Let’s turn this into a call of prayer. We need it, we need it. We have been asking God if we are to stay here in Washington or move. We are feeling to be here to help and to serve. We aren’t finishing praying about it, but that is the leading we believe we are getting. When it is crystal clear (and it will be) we will quit seeking about that subject.

We understand that California is also supposed to be inundated on its West coast also. So, we will cover it all!

God bless you tremendously for your love and caring.

To be like Him from glory to glory is a privilege and blessing. Amen!